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Military Hats

Stetson Cavalry
Stetson Cavalry
General Custer Hat
General Custer
Confederate Cavalry Hat
Confederate Cavalry
1890's Cav Cattleman
1890's Cavalry Cattleman
Nam Air Cav Hat
Nam Air Cav
Jeb Stuart Hat
Jeb Stewart
1870's Cavalry Hat
1870's Cavalry 
1890's Cavalry Hat
1890's Cavalry
Robert E. Lee Hat
Robert E Lee
Rough Riders Hat
Rough Riders
 Union Cav Officer Hat
Union Cav Officer
Majo Mosby Hat
Major Mosby
General Grant Hat
General Grant
Bucky O'Neil Hat
Buck O'Niel
Teddy Roosevelt Hat
Teddy Roosevelt
 Kilgore Hat


Confederate Infantry Hat
Confederate Infantry
Stetson Campaign Hat
Stetson Campaign
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