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We want to thank our customers for their patience. All of our hats are hand formed by Bill Knudsen in our Richmond store. We are currently at 6 months. We take pride in the quality of our hats and will not compromise quality to get them out the door faster. We appreciate your business.


Thank you, 

Major Debacle aka Bill Knudsen SASS 3,088

Sometimes we have hats that are ready to ship.

check them out HERE

Yellowstone tv
series hats
Rio Bravo Replica Hat
Rio Bravo
Movie Hats
Hell on Wheels Hats
Hell on Wheels TV Series Hats
Clint Eastwood Hats
Clint Eastwood Movie Hats
Robert Duval Hats
Robert Duvall  Movie Hats
Tom Selleck Hats
Tom Selleck Movie Hats
Steve McQueen Hats
Steve McQueen  Movie Hats
Tombstone Movie Hat
Tombstone Movie Hats

Misc Movie and TV Series Hats




Cusom Hats

Historical Hat Replicas

Military Hat Replica

Military Hat Replicas

Custom Hats

Misc. Cowboy Replicas


Dress Hats

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