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Q:  What do the X's mean?             

A:  The more X's the more beaver.


Q:  What if I get rain water on my hat?           

A:  All our hats are water resistant, but if you plan to be in the rain a lot make sure you get a hat fashioned of Fur Felt.  Just wipe it down with paper towels and rest it in the correct shape away from heat.  Or wear it until it dries.  Our hats are more water resistant than most.  

Q:  Can you make an uncommon or custom hat for me?         

A:  You may choose a brim style from one hat and a crown style from another.  If you have a style in mind from history or an old movie just call us.  We can probably make it for you.  We've made colonial tri-corners, pirate hats, and even Napoleon hats.  


Q:  Do you make other Civil War or Indian Wars hats?                          

A:  Sure do!  If you have something specific in mind, give us a call or send us an email


Q:  Can you make other historical or move hats on request?       

A:  Yes!  Napoleonic, pirate hats, tri-corner, etc.  We can and for less than you might think possible.  


Q:  How can I measure my my head to determine my hat size?               

A:  Easy! (well sort of) Just follow this link to our HAT SIZING PAGE!


Q:  Can I trust factory hat size tags?          

A:  We have calibrated tools to measure the actual hat size as opposed to the labeled hat size.  You wouldn't believe the variation in factory hats, even the same style of the same brand.  We measure the actual size down to the 1/16th  inch if possible.





Q:  Where's my hat I ordered way back when?

A:  Hmmmmm...Have you looked on the porch?  Well, if it's taking too long feel free to email or call and we'll set things straight pronto, but lately orders are taking about 6 months  Takes some time to make a hat right.  


Q:  What kind of credit cards do you take?

A:  MasterCard, Discover, American Express & Visa.  We also accept personal checks and paypal, but if you decide to mail us a check plan for an extra 10 days so it has time to clear the banks.


Q:  Can I order my hat online?

A:  Sure ORDER HERE.  We've held out on online ordering because many things can go wrong.  We still prefer to speak to you on the phone so we can ask you a few questions that will help us get the fit and style just right.  


Q:  Prices subject to change?

A:  Yep, Change can be a good thing, like when our webpage gets updated to match current costs.  Sometimes prices even go down!  Well, no, not really.  But it could happen.

Be Advised


Hat makers can put 10X, 20X 100X or even 200X on their hats if they want to.  There is no governing body that dictates standards of quality.  We see many hat makers or sellers who are very generous with X's.


Some hats are listed as 100% fur felt, this is not the same as 100% Beaver.  It is important to know that even 4X beaver is better than 100% fur felts.  There should be some beaver in 4X beaver while 100% fur felt is all rabbit.  100% rabbit is certainly not worth over $500 as is charged elsewhere.  We have actually seen these rabbit fur felts labeled and sold as 50X too.  


The 6X Stetson is better than just 100% fur felt.  


Our fur-felts are made with a fine blend of beaver and rabbit;  the more X's, the more beaver.  Our hats are quite water resistant and I invite you to go to the SASS chat room to see what our customers say about our hats; and do the same for other hat makers too.  


Believe me, you do not necessarily get what you pay for.  You can pay more than twice our prices for no better quality and usually inferior forming. 

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