Stetson Cavalry

Military Hat Replica

 4 5/8" Crown

3" Brim 

Shown with: Enlisted Cav Cords $16

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 5/8

Available in 6X Stetson Felt $219.98

This is the Official U.S. Cavalry Hat by Stetson.

Yup, we still have mounted cavalry. You may have heard that we have troops on horseback in Afghanistan, but they are Special Forces, not cavalry. Today’s cavalry are limited to riding in special events so they are uniformed, for appearance in, Indian wars type clothing, tack and saddles.


Shown is the Official Stetson Cavalry Hat made for the army. This hat is similar to the style of the cavalry hat worn in the 1880’s except the early one had an overwelt brim and a vented crown. The overwelted brim helped the hat keep its shape these Stetsons are of such quality that such reinforcement is unnecessary.

The hat comes with a black Leather Chin Strap and separate leather hat band. However, the appropriate acorn hat cord is usually worn with just the chin strap. We have the correct yellow cord for enlisted cav., Black and gold for officers (see nam cav). Or all gold for general officer. The sabers shown on the Nam Cav. are the officer type being smaller and gold plated; enlisted are larger and in brass.

This has been the actual and official U.S. Cav Hat for many decades and is one of the types worn in Vietnam by air cav. The felt hat was not a uniform item for air cav but became a tradition believed to be started in 1964 by Lt. Col. John B. Stockton who commanded 3/17 at Fort Benning, Georgia.

The felt cavalry hat was accepted by the army as but was considered a boost to espirit de corp. The popularity spread in Vietnam to nearly all air cav units and some mechanized cav.


The felt hats were never issued but were sold in px. As mentioned, this is on one the hats worn, there were other markers and styles, but the best were the Stetsons, and were by far the most popular. There were at least three different Stetsons worn, however, this is the only one hat in official army specifications, the others were larger in brim and crown being based in the 1870’s campaign hat (see Knudsen 1870’s campaign hat). These larger hats were probably most popular in Vietnam, but many preferred this lower crown height and the fact that this was mounted cavalry issue.