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1890's Cavalry

Military Hat Replica

5 1/2" Crown

3 1/4" Brim  w/ Binding

Shown with:

Enlisted cords $16

Cross sabers $7

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

These hats were issued in an open dome crown so the soldier creased his own hat.  This style is typical of the period.  The Roughriders often wore a cowboy crease with the savers on the side - your choice.  Also available with infantry or artillery cord and insignia.  Shown with enlisted cavalry trim.  


See Roughrider for optional crown shape, and check out our Teddy Roosevelt.  


See Lt. Buckey O'Niel for 3 dent Montana slope.  


Note: Our 1890's military hat is 1/4" wider in the brim and about 3/8" taller than the originals because folks of today are so much larger than cavalry soldiers were 100 years ago.  This way we keep the proportions looking correct.  Call Major Debacle for advice on authenticity at our Richmond Location (510)232-3644


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