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General Grant

Military Hat Replica

4 1/2" Crown

3 1/4" Brim  w/ Binding

Shown with: Cast metal gilt pin $10

Black and Gold Officer cords: $20.

Gold Office cords, are no longer available.

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 5/8

The Union General that would fight.  Grant was a fighter but he himself shaped the surrender terms for Lee and his army.  He extended respect and sympathy to his defeated brethren.  


Grant did not often wear the staff officer patch (wreath encircling US) except for special occasions.  Many union officers toned down the decoration on their uniforms and hats as it drew long range sniper fire.  At the outset of the Civil War, Union officer hats had gold ribbon on the edge of the brim.  Massive bullets fired from Confederate Whitworth long-range rifles prompted moderation.  

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