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Yellowstone 04

Kevin Costner as John Dutton

TV Series Replica Hat

Yellowstone 04

5" Crown

4 1/4" Brim

Shown with Brown Tooled Leather Band: 40

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

Available in full custom Knudsen felt and Semi Custom Stetson felt


6X Stetson Beaver 

Silverbelly, Sahara, Chocolate, Granite $359.98
black $359.98

Stetson and Resistol hats are better from Golden Gate Western Wear because we are also Knudsen Hat Co. We have the expertise to inspect hats for quality, reject substandard felts, and shape hats exactly as they should be. We also have calibrated tools so we can be precise in sizing too.


Yellowstone is a very high-quality show in every respect. Truly great casting, acting, production, directing, and a beautiful location. Most importantly to me though, is the hats!


John Dutton played by Kevin Costner, is a very successful rancher so he wears several different hats. A different color for various occasions. That’s realistic but unusual for movies and TV where each character typically wears the same hat all the time. Kevin Costner actually owns a ranch and his own cowboy hats. I’ve been told that some the hats he wears on the show are his own, though I don’t know which ones are his.


What we have marked as the Yellowstone 01 is what Costner wore for most of season 1. Costner also wore the same hat but with a self-band with a silver buckle set (a self-band is a felt hat band that is the same color as the hat it is attached to) instead of a horsehair band. He also wore black and chocolate hats a different times.


Partway through the 2nd season Costner started wearing what we have marked as the Yellowstone 03. John Dutton would have several colors, of course, so he soon had a dark chocolate and black versions for serious occasions. In Season 3 he wears all three colors, with what we have as the Yellowstone 04 being the one he wears most often.


Bill Knudsen

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