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Wanted Dead or Alive

Steve McQueen as Josh Randall

 Movie Hat Replica

4 1/4" Crown

3 1/2" Brim w/ bound edge

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

Shown with:

Leather bolo cord band $15

    The Wanted Dead or Alive hat was a popular style cowboy hat at the time (1958-1961).  Having what we hat guys call a telescope crown.  Meaning the dome is telescoped down via a circular crease which, viewed from the top, forms a ring.  Steve McQueen's hat started the series with a 4 1/2 inch crown and the crown height was reduced to 4 1/4 inch or 4 inch later in the series.  We recommend 4 1/4 for most people.  McQueen's brim was a 3 1/2 inch. with a narrow ribbon bound edge, it's hard to see but it's there.  You can get a 4 inch brim if you would like but in the heavier 10x beaver.  


    Wanted Dead or Alive is one of my all-time favorite T.V. Westerns.  I just couldn't get enough of Steve McQueen firing the "mare's leg".  Steve McQueen had a very menacing way about him in that show that made him a natural for a bounty hunter.  I don't know why Wanted Dead or Alive didn't last much longer.  Probably because McQueen had movie offers. 


     Did you know that the Mare's leg used by Steve McQueen as the bounty hunter was a model 1892 Winchester, while the time period was 1870s.  Furthermore the 1892 was a short action, pistol caliber only weapon.  But McQueen had large 45-70 cartridges in his belt.  And if the '92 could chamber 45-70s you might load two into that short magazine tube.  I didn't know all this when I was a kid watching Josh Randall blaze away with that awesome sawed off rifle.   


     If you saw Zombieland you would have seen the "Mare's leg" brought back.  I think Steve McQueen smiled down on that.  


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