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Tom Horn

Steve McQueen as Tom Horn

 Movie Hat Replica

6 1/2" Crown
4 1/2" Brim 
Stetson felt option discontinued until further notice
Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

    The movie Tom Horn was based on the true story of a cattle regulator called Tom Horn, played by Steve McQueen.  The story is about the end of an era and how it affected Tom Horn and others like him.  A very nicely filmed movie and another "must have" for any western movie collector.  This was Steve McQueen's last movie.  Tom Horn's hat is a variation on the Bull Rider.  The brim is deeply dipped especially in the back, and measures 4-1/2".  Notice the similarity with the Quigley, but look carefully; everything is a little different.  The crown is creased lower, the side pinches go further back, and the fore mentioned 4-1/2" brim vs. 5" for the Quigley.  This hat was perfect for Steve McQueen and was authentic for circa 1900.

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