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Lee Marvin as Tim Strawn

Cat Ballou Movie Replica Hat

7" Crown

4" Brim

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

I first saw the movie, Cat Ballou when it came out in 1965. I loved the movie and saw it again at the base theater in 70 or 71. Then came 1972 when Jane Fonda went to Hanoi and committed, what I think, was treason. I wouldn’t watch the movie again until a few months ago. Lee Marvin was great, and I must say that Jane Fonda was very cute. It has been 54 years and Jane Fonda has never paid for her crimes, but it’s Lee Marvin I want to pay respects to.

Lee Marvin was a great actor and won an Oscar for his two characters in Cat Ballou, Kid Shelleen and Strawn. Lee Marvin took control of every scene he was in, they call it stage presence, and I think he had it.

Lee Marvin fought in the Pacific in WWII. He was a Marine sniper. It was his job to go ashore in a dingy the night before a beach assault and take a position where he would pick off enemy snipers etc. what a contrast to Hanoi Jane.

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