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Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo Movie Hat Replica

5 1/2" Crown

4" Brim

Shown with: Brown leather band $25

Film accurate color: Silverbelly

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

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We have very few of the official limited edition John Wayne hats called “the Fort” made by Resistol left in stock. This is based on the hat that the Duke wore for the first time in Stagecoach (1939), Fort Apache, Rio Grande, Hondo, Legend of the Lost and for the last time in Rio Bravo. The last time this hat was worn in a movie it was worn by Sammy Davis Jr. in Sergeants 3. John Wayne loaned the Hat to Sammy, who had a large head for his stature. After it was returned it was in such bad shape that John threw it away. The Wayne family is said to have the Dukes hat from “The Cowboys” and “Train Robbers” but not the Rio Bravo Hat.

8'x11' Colored Movie Photo: $9.98

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