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Pat Wheeler

Ward Bond as Pat Wheeler

Rio Bravo Movie Hat Replica

4 1/2" Crown

3 1/2" Brim

Color Shown: Slate

Shown with: Black Leather Band.

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

John Wayne and Ward Bond were both hired by John Ford in 1929 as extras on the movie Salute. Wayne and Bond were acquainted, as they were both on the USC football team. After working for John Ford on that first movie they became lifelong close friends and that included Ford. The friendship endured, even after Wayne shot Bond in the butt. They were bird hunting and Wayne had borrowed a shotgun from Bond for the hunt, so Wayne shot Bond with his own gun. Fortunately, the gun was loaded with bird shot, which means many small “BBs” had to be picked out! Bond put that shotgun in his will, giving it to John Wayne to get in one last ribbing.

  The hat Ward Bond wears in Rio Bravo is the same as the one he wore the tv show “Wagon Train.”

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