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Jim Bowie

Historical Hat Replica

4 1/4" Crown

4" Brim w/ Binding

Can be made in sizes: 7- 7 5/8

Available in 7X to 40X

Shown with Bone Bead Band.

This is a replica of one of the real Jim Bowie Hats. We have drawings of Jim as reference as cameras did not yet exist. So the shape is certain but we may not be exact on the band. Our band, having real bone pipe beads, looks so good and appropriate that if Jim didn’t actually wear a similar band he missed out. The flair top crown was very popular in that time period with the wider brims being more popular in the south.

The Jim Bowie is the same crown as the Pale Rider or the Rhett Butler, but with a 4” brim. 

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