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Until further notice this hat will not be available in 6X Stetson felt. The quality of the felt is not up to our standard. It will be available again once the issue is resolved. 

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This hat is actually a variation on the Bullrider. The significant difference being the very steep crease going down the front of the crown, and the back being full height.  I thought of calling this the Pikes Peak the way it sticks up 7" or so. This is a common crease for 1920's movie heroes.

Available in:
 6X Stetson Fur Felt
(7" crown, 5" Brim)
Black $379.98
Silver Belly $379.98

7" (or so) crown
4" brim in

(5" brim in Stetson Body)

Sizes:  6 7/8 - 7 3/4

The Hoot Gibson

Replica Hat