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Dude (Borrachón)

Dean Martin as Dude (Borrachón)

Rio Bravo Movie Hat Replica

4 1/2" Crown

4" Brim 

Color Shown: Putty (Will ship as Slate)

Shown with: Leather thong band.

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

Pat Wheeler (Ward bond) knew him as “Borrachón” which is Spanish for “the drunk”. Dean Martin told him he should call him “Dude”.

Dean Martin played a heavy drinker more than once in his career and became known as one in real life. Dean Martin used this as part of his character on T.V etc. When in truth Dean was not a particularly heavy drinker at all. A personal acquaintance of my parents had worked as his assistant and she attested to this.

Dudes hat was perfect for him. You can order it with different levels of stains and abuse.

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