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Cullen Bohannon

Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon

Hell On Wheels TV Series Replica

Tapered flat top crown

3 1/2" Brim w/ bound edge

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 5/8

Optional: Light Stains $25, Heavy Stains $45

Shown with: Cullen Bolo Cord Band $30

Cullen Bohannon of the T.V. Series  Hell On Wheels reminds me of "Outlaw Josey Wales" in that Bohannon's home and family were destroyed by Union Renegade Soldiers  just as it did Josey Wales. Bohannon is a man hunter and an outlaw that has found a temporary home in Hell On Wheels. The top of Bohannon's hat is flat, however it is dished down in one episode in the T.V. series, after a rain storm.


The hat we offer here is exactly the same as the hat worn by Anson Mount who plays Cullen Bohannon. It is a real gunfighter hat! Believe it or not we have actually made this hat for almost 30 years! It's one of our earliest custom hats.


My daughter has worked several years in the entertainment industry in New York. Being far from home, her girlfriend invited  her to a thanksgiving dinner party at her fiances house. She was invited again in 2014 and it was then that she realized who her host was. She hadn't made the connection from his name, Anson Mount, to the character Cullen Bohannon. Even though I've mentioned the show to her several times.

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