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Broken Trail

Robert Duvall as Prent Ritter

Movie Hat Replica

5 1/2" Crown

4" Brim

Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

Shown with: 3 Strand Braid Band $22

Broken Trail was a great story, very well written, and so perfect for Robert Duvall.  It's like it was written for him.  Well, we found that the writer, Alan Geoffrion, is a personal friend of Robert Duvall and did write the story with Duvall in mind.  All I can say is thank, you Alan Geoffrion for such a good story and for bringing Duvall back to the western theme for us to enjoy.  

     When Broken Trail first ran on T.V. I missed parts of it because it started too early.  I have satellite T.V. and the schedule is based on east coast time.  With satellite I was able to appreciate the cinematography though; beautifully shot.  I wasn't able to see Broken Trail continuously, and really appreciate the story until I got the DVD.  My wife watched it with me and Broken Trail became her all time favorite western, and one of mine too.  

     Robert Duvall/ Print Ritter wore a hat similar to the Gus McCrae/ Lonesome Dove Hat.  I should say slightly similar as the one thing they have in common is that the crown creases lower in the front.  The crown is slightly taller for Gus McCrae, but the most distinctive difference is the curled edge on Print Ritter's as in Broken Trail.  

     If you want the best match for color order our old ivory.  Our silverbelly is a very nice color but is much lighter than the movie hat. 


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