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This is the hat worn by Timothy Olyphant's character Raylan Givens in the television series Justified. Raylan Givens is seldom without his Stetson hat and it's seen as his trademark by other characters in Justified.  The actual hat Raylan Givens wears is a hand-modified Stetson 6x beaver with a basket weave embossed leather hat band, with a 3 piece buckle set.  We substantially re-form the brim and the crown exactly like Raylan Given's hat.  The "Justified" hat that we offer here is exactly the same as that worn by Timothy Olyphant. The Justified producers ordered dozens more of a similar hat from us, too, as gifts for their guest actors.  If you haven't yet watched Justified, you're missing out. Justified is a well done series and unlike anything else on TV. Timothy Olyphant is perfect for the lead role as U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens.I have been asked if the Justified hat is shipped with the Stetson lining?  The answer is yes,  that caused me to think and I realized that the wardrobe people for Raylan Givens probably have removed the original lining because of the unique, and trademarked, picture of the cowboy watering his horse.  That picture is called "The Last Drop" and the Stetson name is printed below the figures.  This is one of the most recognized names and trademarks in the world and since Stetson Hat Company has not paid the producers for the "placement" of the Stetson Trademark, they probably have replaced the lining.  I will be watching for this.  On the topic of wardrobe people I noticed that they installed the hat band with the buckle on the wrong side in the first episode.  The band was ordered loose and was installed by them.  The film was not reversed as some have suspected, the band was definitely incorrectly installed.  I have recently seen a promo picture that was obviously taken about the time of the filming of the first episode.  The band is reversed and the hat looks unworn.       


Stetson silverbelly in 10X or 20X is a shade lighter in color than the silverbelly in 6X.  It's a beautiful color and texture.   Though, if you have not seen and handled a real Stetson 20X then you will be impressed.  The quality is simply extraordinary.  Making good hat felt is not just a function of using more and more beaver.  As many as six different furs are blended to make the felt not only soft in texture, but more importantly, dense.  Density has a great deal to do with shape retention and weather resistance.  Stetson/Resistol felt density is un excelled. The 20X Justified is truly a beautiful hat and I would compare it very favorably with what is typically sold by others as 100% beaver.  We can use 30X or even 100X Stetson but we feel the 20X offers optimum qualities.  Don't overlook the 10X, at $110 less than the 20X it is an extraordinary value for a very high quality hat.
     On the topic of quality I want to clarify a couple of things.  Firstly, the meaning of the X's on hats.  The fact is that if you make a hat you can print all the X's you want to on the sweatband.  100% fur felt is actually the base of quality for fur felt hats and is comprised of rabbit hair.  A Stetson, Resistol (or Knudsen) in 6X quality is a little bit better than good 100% fur felt, and way better than average 100% fur. 
      We have seen hats with rows of X's when they were just a base quality, meanwhile Stetson and Resistol have held the line on their fur quality and we appreciate that.

4 1/2" crown

3 3/4" brim

shown with:

replica Hat Band


6 3/4 - 7 3/4

The Justified

Timothy olyphant as raylan givens

Justified T.V. Series Replica Hat

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Available in:

6X Stetson Beaver

Silverbelly, Sahara, Chocolate $269.98
black $259.98

10X Stetson Beaver
Silverbelly, White, Mist Grey,

Sahara, Charcoal $389.98
black:  $359.98

20X Stetson Beaver

silverbelly: $479.98
also desert tan , Mocha
black:  $469.98

100x Beaver

Comes with Carrying Case

Black: $900

Silverbelly, Mist grey,

White,Silverbeaver: $998

You may choose to have a smaller brim if you prefer.  On 6 3/4 or 6 7/8 I suggest 3 1/2" brim and 7 1/8 or 7 1/4 I suggest 3 5/8" brim thus maintaining the proportions.  There is no extra charge for this service.

     We have had requests for brims as small as 3"

Color: Sahara

Color:  Black

Color:  Silverbelly

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Black Justified hats will ship out with the black band unless specified.

6X Quality; Please understand that 6X is 

100% fur felt but some of that fur is beaver  so it is substantially

better than just 100%  fur.