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Sheriff Lamb is a WWII Veteran and a former rodeo cowboy who has a ranch outside of Vegas. Certain circumstances cause Ralph Lamb to accept a job offer as the new sheriff, joined by his brother and son. Sheriff Lamb is very credible played by actor Dennis Quad.

 There really was a Sheriff Ralph Lamb and he was 85 when they started filming the show. Dennis Quad ad Ralph Lamb were introduced and became good friends. Both men have the same birthday and boot size. Dennis Quad wore the real Sheriff Lamb’s boots in several episodes

4-1/2" crown

3-1/2" brim

Leather Strap Band : $18

sizes: 6 3/4 - 7 5/8

Available In:
6X Stetson
Silverbelly,Acorn: $279.98


dennis quaid as ralph lamb

Vegas T.V. Series Replica Hat