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Until further notice this hat will not be available in 6X Stetson felt. The quality of the felt is not up to our standard. It will be available again once the issue is resolved. 

​​This is a replica of the movie hat worn in Quigley Down Under.  An outstanding hat from an outstanding movie.  "Quigley Down Under" instantly became one of those iconic movies, and Tom Selleck created what we think was the best character of his career in Mathew Quigley.  If you haven't seen it lately you should rush out and get the DVD.  The story, the acting, the direction, the costuming, and hardware are all first rate.  

     "Quigley Down Under" inspired a side match event at many Single Action Shooting events.  Usually called the "Quigley Match".  It is single shot buffalo rifle, off hand, at 200 yards or so.  Tom Selleck should be proud. 

     Tom Selleck's hat was also the best of his career, it suited him perfectly even though hats of this proportion actually became available a few years after this time period, but we wont worry about that detail.  The style is similar to our 5 inch brim bull rider but not exactly the same.  Notice the slightly different crown and brim;  Our Quigley is exactly like that in the movie. 

     We don't just adapt a pre-existing hat to make an impression of the look, we form our hats by hand exactly like the original. 

      We hand made the leather band of chap leather and rawhide lacing.  Band is tied off with knotted leather, or upgrade to the eastern rattler tail (as in the movie).

     You can get the braided calfskin stampede string that goes through the brim and around the back of the crown like Quigley wore, or upgrade to the much nicer double loop calfskin stampede string with tassles, as shown on the top picture. 

The Best and historically correct installation is to punch small holes as close as possible to the crown without the use of grommets. Grommets cannot be  installed as close to the crown so the result is the string would pull down on the brim out where it would  eventually  distort  the brim. Grommets are necessary on straw, fabric or cheap felt hats. Grommets would look cheesy on a quality felt hat

Available ONLY in: 40x-5" Knudsen, 100X Knudsen, & 6X Stetson Felts

40X - 5" Knudsen felt

Black, Chocolate, Mojave: $598.98

Silverbelly: $679.98 

100X Knudsen felt

Black, Chocolate: $759.98

Silverbelly: $876

6X Stetson Fur Felt
(raw edge)
Silverbelly (beige):  $379.98
Black: $379.98

Quigley Band: $40

Eastern Rattlesnake Tie on 
Band: $25

Calfskin Double Loop 
Stampede String With Horse
Hair Tassles: $69.98

Plain Cowskin Stampede 
String: $15

Light Dust Stains: $25
Heavy Dust Stains: $45

The Quigley

Tom Selleck as Matthew quigley

Quigley Down Under Movie Replica Hat

 7" crown

5" brim

shown with:

quigley replica

band $40

CalfSkin Double

Loop Stampede 

String with

Horse Hair Tassles:


heavy stains $45

sizes: 7 - 7 3/4