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Open Range is on my list as one of the best western movies ever.  The dialog between Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner was not wordy but full of gems.  The scenery was beautiful, the filming was first rate, and the acting was flawless.  But more than that, Open Range had one of the best and most authentic gunfights that has ever been filmed.  That makes Open Range an instant classic movie!  The costuming of Open Range was all very period correct and very well chosen for each character.  The three dent crown worn by Kevin Costner as Charley Waite is actually quite authentic and popular long before the so called Gus crease.  We actually made this exact style years  before the movie Open  Range; Simply because the style is authentic.  Kevin Costner/Charley Waite's hat had a pretty good coating of dirt and I think it looks good with or without!

sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

The Open Range

Kevin costner as charlie waite 

Open Range Movie Replica Hat

6 3/8" crown 

4 1/2" brim

with bound edge

Color: PEcan

Picture may appear lighter. new picture will be up soon