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The Fort

The 10x John Wayne Collection by Resistol

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Train Robbers



We now can offer official and authorized John Wayne hats.  The John Wayne collection by Resistol.  They have John Wayne on the sweatband and the special lining. 


      Early John Wayne hats were Stetsons, particularly in the days of the Three Mesquiteers.  Over time though, John Wayne movie hats were mostly based on Resistols.  The forming and trim was usually done by the same studio wardrobe man, whose name escapes me now.  I did get the chance to speak to him a couple times many years ago.  But I'm sorry to say that he, and most of the people I've known that worked with John Wayne are gone now. 

     Resistol has made arrangements to have authorized a 10X beaver hat that is a basic John Wayne cavalry officer hat, known as the Fort.  We start with this hat and hand form it to the more particular form and look of certain movies. 

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Please be aware that the Resistol Silverbelly is slightly greyish

Rio Grande

Rio Bravo