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Matt Dillon was played by James Arness who was about 6' 7". Matts first sidekick was Chester, who was played by Dennis Weaver. Chester looked small next to Matt, and Chester had a bad leg so Dennis Weaver saw himself  being type cast as a supporting character actor and decided to quit the show. Those early episodes with Chester are fun to watch  but seldom run on T.V as they are black and white. 

  Chester was replace by Festus Hagan, who brought more comedy and character to the show. Many great actors came and went over the years which makes watching those old shows a lot of fun. Matt Dillons hat varied overt he years and was seen in various stages of abuse, even in  the same episode. We show here what he wore in some of the latter episodes.

  The crown is what we call a telescope, but it sometimes had a slight pinch and other times not. So its your choice,  we will make it without a slight pinch if you do not express a choice.


Sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4 

4 1/2" crown

  41/2" brim  

Original Color:


Matt Dillon

Jame Arness as Matt dillon in Gunsmoke

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