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     Elam Ferguson is a complex character, you don't always know what he might do but he turns out to be a stand up guy.  Elam Ferguson often seems like a covered pot that's about to boil over.  The actor (Common) portrays that feeling very well as Elam changes and becomes a very different man.  

     Elam Ferguson's hat is a very common look for that time.  It is similar to our Mississippi top hat but with less flair in the crown.  Study of civil war photos shows that many confederate troops wore hats just like Elam's.  The Southerners wore what they had!  

sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

2 5/8" brim with

curl &
bound edge 

matching 1”

ribbon band

Elam Ferguson

Common as elam ferguson

Hell On Wheels T.V. Series Replica Hat