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     When I first heard that they were working on a movie about the Hatfields and the McCoys I was excited about it;   Even more so when I heard that Kevin Costner would play Devil Anse Hatfield.

     William Anderson Hatfield was the real name of Kevin Costner's character.  Devil Anse was a nickname he acquired because it was said that William Hatfield was so strong and fierce that he could take on the Devil himself.  

     We intended to create this web page long ago but we've just been too busy maknig hats.  When our friend Dennis Adler (the well known gun writer) called to see if I could make a Devil Anse hat for him I said, OF COURSE!  Dennis wanted the hat for an article he was writing for "Guns of the Old West" Magazine on the guns used in the story.  I thank him for inciting us to get the work done and put this hat on the website.  

sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

The Devil Anse

Kevin Costner


devil anse hatfield

5" crown

4-1/2" brim