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Until further notice this hat will not be available in 6X Stetson felt. The quality of the felt is not up to our standard. It will be available again once the issue is resolved. 

Appears similar to Quigley but is actually all different, and has a bound edge as in the movie in order to get "a more harmonious outcome"

Available in:  Knudsen &

Stetson Felt

6X Stetson Fur Felt
Silverbelly (beige):  $379.98
black: $379.98

In Knudsen felt

this hat is only available

in 40X-5"Brim

7" crown  

5" brim

shown with:

leather lace stampede string: $10

sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4

Crossfire Trail

Tom Selleck

Movie Hat Replica