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Another look or variation of 1890's cavalry with the Cattleman's Crease. 

In the pictures of our troops in China at the Boxer Rebellion it appears that this crease was quite popular over there.  The original expression for this crease was "Mule Pussy".  Enlisted (shown) has 3 lines of stitching at the brim's edge.  See also the 1890's Cavalry Hat

Sizes: 6 7/8 - 7  3/4

Enlisted Cavalry Cord: $16.98
Modern Officer Hat Cord: $16.98
Best Officer Cord: $20.00

Reg Number: $3.00
(7th etc. Shown without)

Shown With: 

cross sabers

enlisted hat cord

1890's Cavalry

Cattleman Crease

Military Hat Replica