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Be Advised/ Return Policy:

Hat makers can put 10X, 20X 100X or even 200X on their hats if they want to.  There is no governing body that dictates standards of quality.  We see many hat makers or sellers who are very generous with X's.

Some list hats as 100% fur felt, this is not the same as 100% Beaver.  It is important to know that even 4X beaver is better than 100% fur felts.  There should be some beaver in 4X beaver while 100% fur felt is all rabbit.  100% rabbit is certainly not worth over $500 as is charged elsewhere.  We have actually seen these rabbit fur felts labeled and sold as 50X too. 

The 6X Stetson is better than the fur felt. 

Our furl-felts are made with a fine blend of beaver and rabbit;  The more X's the more beaver.  Our hats are quite water resistant and I invite you to go to the SASS chat room to see what our customers say about our hats; and do the same for other hat makers too. 

Believe me, you do not necessarily get what you pay for.  You can pay more than twice our prices for no better quality and usually inferior forming. 

Return Policy

All Hats:  Custom made items are not returnable.  We do not give refunds on custom hat orders;  however we can work with you regarding some issues if you give us a call within a week of receiving your hat order.  Please, do not wear the hat if you may need to return it. 

All hats areNON-REFUNDABLE it is California State Health Code.

There are NO returns on sale items, hats, guns or gun leather. 

    Exchange Policy:

  • Within 30 days.
  • All tags must be attached and/or  in original package.
  • Items must be unworn.
  • Receipt & Card required for exchange.
  • No refunds