Available in:

6X Beaver
black, char brown, chocolate,&
white, mist grey, old ivory, cloud

10X Beaver

black, char brown, chocolate &
white, mist grey, old ivory, cloud

20X Beaver

black, char brown, chocolate &
white, mist grey, old ivory, cloud

100X (50%) Beaver

black $549.98
white, old ivory, cloud $579.98

100% Beaver

black, white, cream & walnut

Enlisted Cav Cord Stained

Sweat and Dirt Stains $25.00
Heavy Stains $40.00

(recommend at least regular

4" brim

5" crown

Shown with:

enlisted cav cord stained $20

heavy stains $40


6 7/8 - 7 5/8

Josey Wales

Clint eastwood as the outlaw josey wales

Movie Replica Hat

Golden Gate Western Wear

home of Knudsen Hat Company

Color: Cloud

     Outlaw Josey Wales is one of my favorite movies of all time.  This hat has the semi-curled edge without ribbon binding.  It has the later type of cord as per the movie (but not historically correct) and the crown has the slight pinch as Josey's acquired in the story or you may choose to not have the pinch as it appeared in some scenes.  You may choose authentic tasseled cord at no extra charge or even officer cord and ostrich plumes if you want.  Sweat and dirt stains are available on this or any of our hats.  I recommend at least the regular stains on this hat.  

"Are you going to pull them pistols or Whistle Dixie?"

- Josey Wales/ Outlaw Josey Wales