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Regarding the recent price changes

Official John Wayne hat collection by Resistol

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No custom hat maker can make their own felt. We all must rely on very few felt body makers.

We have had some problems with a couple of our felt vendors Including Stetson/Resistol, though we expect them to rectify the situation, it may take a few months.

Our main felt vendor has been unresponsive to our concerns about their more recent felt quality. We have been using another vendor for some time but the problem now is higher cost. However, the quality is clearly superior, so we are going ahead with them.

We must now pass on price increases on some qualities. The largest difference is on the light colors. We find the density, clarity, and texture are superior in quality. We hope that you, our customers, will be happy with the change in the felt quality. We are not passing on the full increase of the light felt colors in hopes of softening the change.

                                                                                                                                    Bill Knudsen
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